Venezia, Italia

April 11, 2014 
This is an instagram-filtered photo of Venice, Italy. This was take just when I got off the fairy before headling to a gorgeous hotel.

In the CCI program, we were able go on a few trips around Italy. The Venice trip was the second to the last trip of the program.

Unlike the rest of my friends I wasn’t able to enjoy Venice as much as I wanted because of health reasons. I was able to get two good days out of the four-day trip. I walked around the city, got gelato, took a 20 euro gondola ride, (though everyone griped at what we should do, I’m glad we did this), toured museums and old churches that were spectacular. There were plenty of shops with Murano glass — I was super tempted to get a decently priced watched and gifts for my family.

Then on the last day, after walking at least thirty minutes to the train station and waiting — our (CCI group plus other cohorts) train back to Florence was cancelled. We had to hop a train, which became really crowded fast. Some of us managed to get seats, but in the end we had to give them up and sit in the luggage area with everyone else. A group of us students in the luggage area managed to have a nice chit chat about school on the way back.

It was fun.

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